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Autopsy Tables

Autopsy Tables

Autopsy Tables

CEATA05 Basic autopsy table
CEATA06 Basic autopsy table with wheels
CEATA10 Professional autopsy table
CEATA15 Aspirated elevating autopsy table
CEATA12 Elevating autopsy table
CEATA13 Aspirated autopsy table
CEATC02 Elevating and rotating (90°) autopsy table


CEATA30 Stainless steel shelf for examination
CEATA31 Stainless steel shelf for tools
CEATA33 Series of 3 stainless steel supports
CEATA34 Multiple position headrest


Ceabis’ autopsy tables are made entirely with AISI 304 stainless steel, suitably reinforced and shaped to make them robust, long-lasting, suitable for the use of the usual autopsy instruments and cleaning and disinfection products. They consists of a deck edged for the containment of liquids properly inclined and without sharp edges, with a particular slope that allow a smooth flow of the water towards the drain. Each table has a sink with hot and cold water mixer, and the structure is made entirely of stainless steel suitably reinforced to withstand the load of the body.