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Body Transport Trolleys

Body Transport Trolleys

Body transport trolleys

CEAC001 Body transport trolley for internal use
CEAC002 Body transport trolleys for external use


CEAC010 Stainless steel rolled cover
CEAC011 Aluminium rolled cover
CEAC012 ABS cover


The body trolley is used for the transport from the death place located in the hospital to the mortuary.
It is completely stainless steel Aisi 304 and it is formed by an electro-welded tubular supporting structure. It is totally without screws or rivets, so that it assures stability and strength. A stainless steel body stretcher with the same title and with inclination in the middle to collect possible liquids, is placed on the structure. Such stretcher can be completely extracted thanks to the proper handles located in the head and foot side and it can be even autonomously used in comparison with the trolley because it is self-carrying. The trolley is equipped with n. 4 wheels with a diameter of 200 mm which are perfectly suitable for internal ways on plain floors, but it can be used on lightly disconnected and not particularly irregular surfaces. Two wheels are equipped with a handbrake that can be activated by a pedal.
The body trolley for external use is equipped with n. 4 wheels, 2 with a diameter of 300 mm and 2 with a diameter of 500 mm these wheels are perfectly suitable for external ways, and on disconnected and irregular surfaces.