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Covers for Trolleys

Covers for Trolleys

Trolley covers

CEAC010 Stainless steel rolled cover
CEAC011 Aluminium rolled cover
CEAC012 Thermoformed ABS cover

Suitable for the following items

CEAC001 Body transport trolley for internal use
CEAC002 Body transport trolleys for external use
CEAC005 Inclinable body trolley with adjustable height
CEAC031 Inox stretcher without wheels
CEAC032 Inox stretcher with stands
and all the items compatibles with our stainless steel stretchers


The covers of the Ceabis line are all made to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. Built with different materials, AISI 304 stainless steel, aluminum and thermoformed ABS, all our models are easy to handle thanks to the many outlets and are all equipped with handles and vents to avoid compression and decompression that may occur during the placement or removal. In particular, the model CEAC012 ABS thanks to its lightweight and the handle makes it particularly easy central aluminium manoeuvrability even with a single operator.


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