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Magnum lifting machine for bodies

Magnum lifting machine for bodies

Magnum lifting machine

CEATA21 Magnum electric lifting machine for bodies, max load 200 Kg



Solution for the corpse movement without any physical effort and with the complete safety.

Professional electric lifting trolley to carry out easily lifting, transfers and transports of corpses from a floor to another one (bed, autopsy table, corpse preparation table, coffin …) Such operation is very easy and it does not cause any risks for the operator that can in this way move the corpse alone. This is carried out making the releasable guides sliding under the corpse preventing any hard movement. The electric lifting trolley MAGNUM is made by a steel structure painted with epoxy powders. It is equipped with a removable and rechargeable 24 V battery; the electric device for the regulation of the opening of the legs allows an optimal stability of the lifting machine; all the functions are controlled through a button remote controller; The stretcher is made by nylon bands equipped with hooking system with quick clutches. Safeties: electric and mechanical emergency descent - Anti-crashing device - Four turning wheels two of them with brake.