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Refrigerated Bed for Bodies

Refrigerated Bed for Bodies


CEATA20 Refrigerated bed for the temporary conservation of the bodies on exhibition

CEAD701 Cover set for refrigerated bed in jacquard satin champagne
CEAD702 Cover set for refrigerated bed in grey damask cotton


Equipment for the situations requiring a conservation treatment of the body and at the same time the exhibition without the coffin; to be used both in hospital and for funeral homes or mortuary chapel.

  • Self carrying structure made of stainless steel tubolar Aisi 304, thickness 20/10, and plugging panels made of stainless steel plate Aisi 304, thickness 6/10
  • Wheel diameter mm 125, rotating ones with brakes;
  • Refrigerating plant placed in the central column under the inclined plane. It works at an average temperature of 0°C/-5°C;
  • Supporting plane in stainless steel, that is bended and shaped with the 18°C inclined upper part, containing the copper coil for the cooling and an insulating layer allowing the cooling only on the surface of the supporting plane.
  • The table is made complying with the European regulations.


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