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Static Ibernsalm

Static Ibernsalm


CEAIB01 Static Ibernsalm finishing walnut
CEAIB02 Static Ibernsalm finishing briar root
CEAIB04 Static Ibernsalm finishing white décor


IBERNSALM is a climatic device to preserve the body already placed in the coffin during the period of wake and observation. For its dimensional characteristics and thanks to a wide lower surface covered by a proper gasket, Ibernsalm can be applied on every type of coffin, both with a straight and a shoulder shape, from a minimum external width of 160 cm to a maximum of 210 cm Being equipped with a refrigerating system at static cooling (with evaporator along the coffin perimeter), Ibernsalm is a unique piece, movable by two operators and applicable on the coffin simply laying it.

Ibernsalm is made up of a body-coachwork in expanded polyurethane at high density allowing a proper sturdiness of all the structure, relative lightness and thermic insulation. The internal part by the evaporator it is further lined with insulating material allowing the formation of condensate. The upper part is equipped with a clear methacrylate cover to see the body, with a box system with double surface, hermetically sealed and provided with particular technical details against condensate. The equipment is made up of a power-condensate unity placed on the side of the body’s feet, with some slits for the ventilation and the evaporating part along with the perimeter of the device which is inside protected by a wire netting.


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