Fornitori si nasce, partner si diventa





Ceabis main target and goal is to be identified as valued partner/supplier in designing and building medical refrigeration products and morgues, giving a pre and post sale consultancy and assistance worldwide to all his customer



  • Experience
    It is a feature that has been possible to achieve thanks to our presence on the market for over 40 years, which allowed us to develop a deep knowledge in the various fields and different countries.
  • Expertise
    The strength of a company is built through the people who work in it, especially thanks to men and women who constantly work with the utmost professionalism to meet and satisfy the needs of our customers.
  • Research
    Our R&D Dep. is constantly committed to the study, design and manufacture of innovative products and solutions to follow the evolution of the market and satisfy every request.
  • Service
    Service and customer care pre and after sales is our strong point, the mission that drives our business development, and the value on which each study and research is based on.