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Plex Ornament Kits

Plex Ornament Kits

Evolution Ornaments with multicolour led light

CEAA216 Light pedestal
CEAA228 Lectern with poster holder reclosable, card holder and pen holder
CEAA236 Flower vase stand
CEAA238 Stoup/card pedestal with aspersorium
CEAA246 Cross pedestal
CEAA266 Coffin stand (2 pieces)

Futura Ornaments with multicolour led light

CEAA217 Light pedestal
CEAA237 Flower vase stand
CEAA247 Cross pedestal
CEAA266 Coffin stand (2 pieces)


CEAA290 CLEAN A2 ready-to-use product for the cleaning and polishing of all plex surfaces


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